post-image 28 januari 2021

Why Park Hotel chose Nenda

Park Hotel in Linköping chose Nenda as content provider for its brand new cloud-based TV solution. Via an app on TV, Nenda delivers TV channels, program archives, movies and series at an unbeatable price. In addition, new features such as ”your own channel” and ”day passes” will create extra revenue for the hotel, which is why Hotel Linköping chose streamed TV from Nenda instead of linear TV.

Marcus Jonsson, owner of Park Hotel Linköping says, ” After vetting through many options, it became clear that Nenda was our ideal pick. Nenda offers high quality streamed entertainment in a simplistic and affordable manner. We completely avoided investing in head ends, satellite dishes and unnecessary hardware.”

He further adds, ”Nenda’s streaming app is installed directly on the TV and operated via the Internet using a cloud-based technology, which is much simpler compared to linear TV. The app gives me all the entertainment that my guests demand: TV channels with a program archive where you can watch all the programs broadcasted in the last week, new movies, sports and children’s entertainment. We also hope that new features will allow us to post our own commercials or informational videos, or offer sports channels via day passes, which could even make our TV investment cost-neutral.” 

Nenda’s streaming platform paired with a Philips 43″ Media Suite Android TV creates a simple and cost-effective entertainment solutions for hotels. All it takes is an internet connection and hotels can air TV-channels, movies and series in a modern UI. Guests can also use the Media Suite to connect with the built in Chromecast and access hotel information.

Per Romild, head of sales at Nenda, says, “It is exciting to be part of a solution that creates so much value for both owner and guest. Our goal at Park Hotel Linköping is to make the TV service cover all costs and even create revenue through additional features where users pay to unlock services.”

Nenda’s ”own channel” feature makes it possible for hotel owners to add their own videos, among other TV channels and movies already on Nenda. This can also create another opportunity for hotel owners to market their services to the guests. Through the ”day passes” feature, the guest can unlock channel packages and movies that they want to consume, without the hotel having to pay a penny. Instead, the hotels get a commission.