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Why Hotel Dickens waited six months to get Nenda

With over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry, this is why Dennis waited for 6 months to get streamed TV from Nenda instead of choosing other options. Now he finally has a solution that he was looking for and it’s “going swimmingly” according Dennis himself.

During a renovation for Hotel Dickens, Dennis had drawn fiber into each room. He wanted to update the TV solution but when he finally started looking for a TV service that would fit his modern set up, there was no provider who could deliver an internet-based solution. In an issue of Besöksliv, Dennis read that Nenda would launch the solution he was looking for and decided to wait.

Dennis says, “Investing in head ends and satellite dishes was the last thing I wanted to do because it would be a huge investment. I would also lock myself in an outdated solution for several years, which I did not like. My guests are mostly business travelers who think that TV in the room is important. I believe that Nenda gives me a competitive advantage over linear TV. Therefore, Nenda was completely worth the wait.”

Dennis further added, “My guests appreciate the new service, and we are looking forward to when the ‘Day Passes’ feature is launched. It will give our guests even more choices as it allows the guest to unlock channel packages at their own expense, which I myself do not usually offer. For example, sports channels and other home-style entertainment that is usually not available at hotels. Nenda is going swimmingly and I have not received any complaints yet. I can highly recommend other hotels and companies to get Nenda”.

The new ‘Day Passes’ feature also gives an additional revenue opportunity to hotels because they receive a commission on each purchase.Per Romild, Head of Sales & co-founder at Nenda says, “We are super happy that Dennis wanted to wait for our launch and that he and his guests are happy with the service. Unfortunately, far too many hotel operators have been in Dennis’s situation and have had to lock themselves into an analog solution for several years. Fortunately, now they no longer need to”.

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