post-image 18 June 2024

Why content matters for gym environments – more than just advertising

In today’s competitive fitness industry, creating an attractive and engaging environment for gym members is crucial. After speaking with members, it became clear that one of the most effective methods to achieve this is by broadcasting well-thought-out content on TV screens in the facility. While advertising has its place, it is the combination of tailored content and relevant advertising that can truly transform the workout experience and engage members.

This is where Nenda Effect TV plays a central role by offering a complete solution for your gym environment:

1. Avoid repetitive and boring content

A common issue with traditional TV channels with advertisements is that they often become repetitive and boring. Effect TV provides constantly new, engaging content and customized ads that keep your members interested and motivated.

2. Active viewers deliver better results

It might be assumed that fewer advertising opportunities result in less effective advertising. However, studies show that the brain can absorb advertisements better when combined with engaging content since attention is already directed towards the screen. Smaller doses of advertising maintain focus and engagement even during ad breaks. High ad volume can lead to increased ad fatigue, while less frequent and more relevant ads help viewers maintain their interest.

3. Create a more pleasant workout environment 

Effective use of TV screens to display inspiring and customized content, news, and customer-specific ads can enhance your members’ experience and engagement at the gym. With Effect TV, gym owners can easily integrate their own commercials and offers into the content, adding a personal touch to customer communication.

We understand that every gym has unique needs, and our goal at Nenda is to provide content that not only informs but also inspires and engages. Contact us today to learn more about Effect TV.