post-image 26 April 2022

We visited Continental Apartment Hotel

This week we visited Continental Apartments Hotel in Sollentuna where Hotel Manager Kathy Adenlöf explained why they chose Nenda for their two new hotels in Stockholm. 

For those of you who prefer to read, here is a summary:
Continental Apartment Hotell has two newly built hotels in the Stockholm area where they have chosen to install Nenda in all rooms. This is what Kathy says about why they chose Nenda;

“Both hotels are newly built and it was important for us to choose a TV service that was easy to install and had a lower cost. We chose Nenda because it was very easy to install, with only smart TV and wifi and we did not have to install a headend and satellite dishes, which is a very big extra cost.

I would highly recommend Nenda, it is easy to use and easy to install