post-image 01 September 2021

Röingegården installs movies theatre and sports rooms with Nenda

Stockholm, August 10, 2021. Nenda has now entered a new deal with Röingegården to provide innovative entertainment at their care facility. Röingegården is an organization helping women and men overcome mental illness and start a better life. The solution provided by Nenda is both innovative and pioneering for the care sector and it also offers a more diverse content portfolio.  

The Nenda app is highly customizable on each TV which means Röingegården can offer diverse entertainment options to its residents without having to pay for multiple subscriptions. Instead of just offering different TV channels, Röingegården is able to offer different kinds of entertainment in different common areas of the facility. At Röingegården, they now have dedicated common areas with different content offering, which is impossible with other service providers. At Röingegården some common areas now carry sports channels, while others have films and series on demand.

Nenda also stores all TV content aired on TV channels in the past week, which means residents get 80× more shows to look at as compared to linear TV.

– “Here at Nenda, we are always looking forward to grow and expand our partnerships. Our highly versatile app is the most suitable option for Röingegården to provide diverse entertainment options for all of its residents at an affordable cost and without much physical maintenance. With Nenda, all that is required is a Smart TV and an internet connection. With the finest entertainment all in one place, Nenda can be easily customized to suit the needs of the viewers,” says Carl Johan Barnekow, Head of Marketing and Co-founder at Nenda.