post-image 17 December 2019

Nenda & Samsung Nordic Pair Up To Renew the Hotel TV Experience

Stockholm, 10 December 2019. TV maker Samsung and Swedish B2B streaming service Nenda have now entered into a partnership. The two companies will work together to offer hotel guests a new and improved TV experience while also reducing complexity and costs for hotel owners.

By offering the first fully cloud-based TV solution on the market for the B2B sector, Samsung and Nenda aim to reduce the need for set top boxes and other expensive tech for hotel TVs by offering a less complex and more cost-effective solution.  Under the partnership, Samsung will be including Nenda’s streaming app in the Samsung Smart Hub as a plug and play feature. This will allow professional customers to have quick and easy access to Nenda’s B2B streaming app, thus providing immense growth potential to Nenda.

“Nenda´s mission is to give hotels the ability to provide their guests a “better-than-home experience”. We are very proud and humbled to have Samsung believing in our mission and sharing our vision of a simplified hotel TV solution. To start with, we do not only offer linear channels in our app, but also video on demand such as films, series and documentaries. Another game changer rollout times will be reduced to days instead of weeks or months. We are confident that our many selling points will be of interest for the global hotel market,” says Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder at Nenda.

The solution is simple yet effective. Due to Nenda being integrated in the Samsung Smart Hub, hotels will only need an internet connection, a Samsung Smart TV and the Nenda app to deliver programming to every room.

John Bünsow Lindén, Product Manager of Display at Samsung states, “Samsung’s collaboration with Nenda makes us fully prepared to introduce a host of new features to Samsung Professional Hospitality TV clients, taking the TV experience to the next level. With Samsung´s fast operating systems and innovative technology together with the added benefits that Nenda provides, we are excited about the plan to bring streaming to a new level for the B2B market.”


For more information please contact
Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected], +46 (0) 70 885 23 02
Carl Johan Barnekow, Head of Marketing & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected], +46 (0) 736 88 92 37 
John Bünsow Lindén, Product Manager of Display, Samsung Electronics Nordic AB, [email protected], +46 (0) 70 284 66 88