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Nenda and SF Studios sign agreement to entertain hotel guests

SF Studios has signed an agreement with Swedish streaming innovator Nenda regarding the distribution rights to SF Kids’ content porfolio. This gives Nenda access to the Nordic region’s strongest content portfolio of children and family entertainment.

With the new agreement in place, the Swedish B2B streaming service Nenda earns the distribution rights to the entire SF Kids portfolio. This allows Nenda to include renowned classics such as Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter and much more to their streaming service. Nenda’s streaming platform will make this content available to hotels and care companies in the Nordic region where Nenda is making progress in competing with the linear TV experience.

“The SF Kids content portfolio provides a combination of first-class new children’s and family content along with timeless classics that we all love and adore. At home, children and families are used to watching desirable content on TV whenever they want. However, when it comes to hotels, they have limited access to content and can only watch a single linear children’s channel that is available on the hotel TV. We are now changing the game by partnering with SF Studios because our streaming service will provide their entire collection of children’s and family content to hotel guests,” says Anders Hässel, CEO and co-founder of Nenda.

Nenda’s streaming service has both regular TV channels and on-demand content consisting of films and series. This feature is completely new to the hotel market. This allows guests to choose when they want to see their favorite content from SF Kids without being dependent on TV schedules. In addition, subtitles and dubbing are available in several languages, creating great value for the hotel industries that cater to a diverse clientele.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Nenda. The innovative OTT service they offer is fully in line with our commitment to “Children’s own play service: SF Kids”. SF Kids is a great addition to Nenda’s repertoire because it contains both classics and new favorites that are safe for the family environment and fun for the children,” says Jens Håkansta, SF Studio’s Executive Vice President of Digital Services

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About SF Studios
SF Studios is one of the world’s oldest film companies and is celebrating 100 years in 2019. Today SF Studios is the leading film studio in the Nordic region with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and London. The company is producing and distributing feature films and TV series as well as providing the digital services SF Anytime and SF Kids.

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Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder, Nenda, [email protected], +46 (0) 70 885 23 02,

Carl Johan Barnekow, Head of Marketing, Nenda AB, [email protected], +46 (0) 736 88 92 37 

Jens Håkansta , Executive Vice President Digital Services, SF Studios, [email protected], +46 (0) 760 50 89 20