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Nenda Enters Partnership with Hospitality Integration Giant Speeron

Stockholm, 19 May 2020. Nenda is now working with renowned Swedish B2B hotel tech provider Speeron for an exciting new collaboration.

Already making fast progress in 2020, Swedish B2B TV streaming service Nenda has joined hands with one of Sweden’s most notable B2B and hotel integration partners Speeron. With one of the biggest customer portfolios in the market, Speeron has positioned itself as a leading technology provider in the hospitality industry. Under the new partnership, Speeron will be featuring Nenda within its product repertoire and will be marketing the Nenda platform to its large demographic of clients.

Partner & founder Karl Söderberg at Speeron says, “Nenda’s streaming platform is truly innovative. It has been very much needed in the hotel segment and Nenda is the very first one to do it. When we look at what our hotel clients want, we see strong demand for a service such as Nenda.”

Given Speeron’s expansive network of hotel clients, this new collaboration can provide a rapid growth opportunity for Nenda and further solidify Nenda’s reputation in the B2B hotel TV sector.

“It is a great opportunity for us to be working with a company like Speeron. Speeron has grown to make a name for itself in the B2B and hotel tech industry and we are glad that they see potential in our service. Nenda leverages the best content and makes it available within an easy-to-use streaming interface, which we know is of great value for Speeron’s many clients,” says Per Romild, Head of Sales & Co-founder at Nenda.


For more information please contact:

Per Romild, Head of Sales & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected],+46 (0) 76 525 27 61
Carl Johan Barnekow, Head of Marketing & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected]+46 (0) 736 88 92 37

About Speeron
Speeron is the leading integration partner for the hospitality industry. We help create ”The Digital Guest Journey” by streamlining hotel guest flows and adding sales opportunities throughout the guest experience – from arrival to check out. All parts of the ”Digital Guest Journey” are fully integrated with the Speeron Piccolo Platform.

About Nendas
Nenda is a streaming service from Stockholm that aims to update the TV entertainment offered in the B2B markets today. Using a flexible technical platform, Nenda connect companies with the most exciting content suppliers with the ambition to increase viewer satisfaction, reduce complexity and increase revenues for their customers. In one broadband powered interface Nenda replaces traditional cable and satellite solutions which enable guests to watch both linear channels and on-demand content of the highest quality. Going forward, Nenda plans to roll out tailored solutions for all B2B segments, including restaurants, bars, clubs, hospitals and elderly homes. For more information please visit