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Leading European news channel Euronews arrives on Nenda

Stockholm, 8th January, 2020 – Nenda has entered an exciting new agreement with Euronews, under which they will be offering Euronews’ live English language edition on their streaming service, along with the network’s sizable VOD library, available in 12 languages. The highly in-demand content from Euronews will on the 17th of Januray be added to Nenda’s B2B streaming service, making it available to hotel chains across Nordic countries.

With a team of 500 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, Euronews is known as a leading European news channel. As a media outlet with a strong European and multicultural DNA, Euronews is a widely recognized and trusted brand, reaching almost 400 million homes across 160 countries, including 67% of homes in the European Union.

“We are very happy and excited about our new partnership with Euronews. Over the years, they have maintained the highest standard of credibility as a news network. Together, we will offer our viewers the latest international news, with a European perspective, which we know both our customers and our viewers will value. Their VOD library is impressive, with genres ranging from travel and sports to business and tech and all of it will be available on our streaming platform,” stated Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder at Nenda.

Nenda is gearing up to revolutionize the hotel TV experience with a streaming service that features both linear “live” channels and in addition, on demand content such as films, series and documentaries. All of this can be found in one easy-to-navigate user interface with easy access to numerous language options. Euronews is added in efforts to satisfy the growing number of international tourists and business travelers in the Nordic region.

“Euronews and Nenda have a shared mission to serve a diverse audience of business travelers and tourists with quality content. Euronews is already widely distributed in hotels: today it is available in 1.5 million rooms worldwide. We are thrilled to be able to increase our reach thanks to this new partnership and enhance Nenda’s streaming offer overall. Nenda’s technology has great potential to transform the B2B market, and we are very happy to be a part of Nenda’s journey in bringing streaming to the hospitality sector across Nordic countries.” Maxime Carboni, Director of Worldwide Distribution at Euronews also stated.


For more information, please contact
Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected]m+46 (0) 708 85 23 02
Carl Johan Barnekow, HOM & Co-founder, Nenda AB, [email protected], +46 (0) 736 88 92 37 

About Euronews
Launched in 1993 in Lyon (France), Euronews, a leading international news channel, empowers people to form their own opinion. Euronews is unapologetically impartial and seeks to offer a diversity of viewpoints. Their promise to their viewers and guests alike is: “All Views, All Voices, All Welcome”. Euronews delivers 24/7 news in 12 languages. It is available in almost 400 million homes across 160 countries, and reaches 142 million people every month.