post-image 08 January 2024

Olivia Omsorg Chooses Streaming from Nenda

Olivia Omsorg, established in 2002, has been operating various businesses within the framework of the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS). The company currently manages multiple LSS facilities, including group homes, service residences, accommodations for children and youth, and daily activities. These operations are located in regions such as Stockholm, Uppland, Gävleborg, and Gotland.

Choosing Nenda as the provider of streamed TV entertainment, Olivia Care aims to enhance the viewing experience for its facilities. With Nenda, the facilities gain access to a user-friendly interface and significantly more entertainment options, offering hundreds of additional programs beyond the traditional TV schedule. By transitioning to a fully cloud-based TV solution, the facilities now eliminate the need for separate infrastructure, relying solely on their internet connection.