post-image 21 November 2023

Nenda EffectTV Enhances the Workout Experience at EC Health Clubs

The gym chain EC Health Club, with 16 facilities spread across southern Sweden, is taking a step into the future of fitness with Nenda EffectTV. The objective is clear: to improve the workout experience while establishing an efficient communication channel with its members, directly through the gym’s TV screens.

Beyond the regular TV channels, Nenda EffectTV opens up a new dimension for EC Health Club’s members. Here, they can now immerse themselves in exciting new channels that not only enhance the atmosphere within the facilities but also provide its members with something extra to “zone out” to during their workout sessions. By offering 15+ channels focusing on action sports, travel, virtual running, cycling and many more – all designed to make the workout experience both more enjoyable and inspiring.

With the Nenda EffectTV app, EC Health Club now has the ability to easily incorporate its own TV advertising slots displayed between 10-20 times per hour. This provides the gyms with a smooth and undisruptive channel to communicate their offers and important information to the members.

A warm welcome to EC Health Club!