post-image 26 October 2023

Lion Bar Chain Chooses Nenda’s Effect TV – “A Product Benefitting Everyone”

[Stockholm, October 26] – Nenda announces its partnership with Lion Bar with their innovative product Effect TV. Nenda’s entertainment and digital signage service are now featured on all Lion Bar’s locations.

The Lion Bar chain, with over 20 establishments across Sweden, is continually growing in popularity among the Swedish populace. They have now entered into an agreement with Nenda to elevate their ambiance to the next level. Nenda is renowned for its groundbreaking approach in the B2B industry and has recently launched its all-in-one service, Effect TV, providing Lion Bar’s guests with easy access to captivating, mood-enhancing, and entertaining content.

This service offers a wide range of alternative channels alongside regular television. Now, extreme sports enthusiasts can enjoy ThrillseakersTV, Lion Bar can set the mood with BarVibesTV for happy hour, or entertain with amusing bloopers from AFV (America’s Funniest Videos). They can also stream sports from TV4. Through this collaboration, both companies combine their strengths to offer a culinary and entertaining experience.

In addition to entertainment, Effect TV can display personalized digital signage, allowing customers to see Lion Bar’s latest offers directly in the restaurant. These channels run in 10-minute intervals, interspersed with digital signage. Effect TV provides the flexibility for users to control the service through a mobile device or computer.

Carl-Johan Barnekow, CMO and founder of Nenda, said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer something truly unique to our customers in partnership with Lion Bar. It is a product that benefits everyone, both the customer and the restaurant.”

“Lion Bar is excited about a solution that allows us to control all our devices simultaneously through a single app. The customized content along with the digital signage makes this a natural collaboration for us,” says Abraham Cakir at Lion Bar.

For more information on this partnership and upcoming initiatives, please contact Carl-Johan Barnekow at [email protected] or +46 736 88 92 37.