post-image 12 January 2021

Hotel Hjorten chooses Streamed TV from Nenda

The historic hotel Hjorten in Båstad has undergone extensive renovations under new ownership. The hotel has now chosen Nenda as their entertainment option which means guests will be able to enjoy streamed TV channels, movies and series all in one place.

Kristoffer Henningson, owner of hotel & restaurant Hjorten says, “It is great that we finally have the opportunity to buy a streaming service that offers a home-like entertainment experience to our guests. It is strange that streaming has never been available for the professional market. By choosing Nenda, I didn´t need to invest in TV head ends and cable connections. Traditional methods of TV entertainment would have been more expensive for me but since Nenda is streamed via the internet, I only needed a smart TV and an internet connection. Really easy. I can highly recommend Nenda to other hotel owners. The solution is simpler, more affordable and works great.”

Nenda includes new features to enhance the user experience. The ‘program archive’ for example, will offer 80x more entertainment options to guests at any given time.

Per Romild, head of sales & co-founder at Nenda says, “We are very happy about the collaboration with Kristoffer Henningson at Hjorten. With Nenda, Hjorten’s guests get a wide range of entertainment with both new and classic movies and TV channels. It makes their hotel stay more enjoyable and relaxing.”