post-image 17 April 2023

Frey’s Hotel Lilla Rådmannen Upgrades to Streaming

Hotel Lilla Rådmannen, an extension of Frey’s Hotel on Bryggargatan 12 in Stockholm, opened its doors in 1997. The hotel quickly gained popularity among guests with its cozy rooms and charming rooftop terrace situated alongside the bustling shopping street, Drottninggatan.

Now, Lilla Rådmannen is taking the leap into the world of streaming. By transitioning to a completely cloud-based TV solution, the hotel can eliminate the need for a separate TV infrastructure and rely solely on its internet connection. Nenda’s service simplifies the hotel’s technology needs, while also providing added value for guests by offering a streaming experience that they are accustomed to at home.

With Nenda’s streaming technology, guests have access to an in-app rental shop with a wide variety of channels and movie packages. Additionally, a play function allows guests to watch any programs, series, or films that have aired within the past week, at their convenience. In short, this means more entertainment than even the most discerning guest could demand.