Discover the benefits of Nenda for your healthcare business

Simpler TV

With Nenda, you can avoid any maintenance or upgrades. All the administration takes place centrally without the need to involve residents or relatives.

Adapt for your customers

Customise the TV for those who watch it. With Nenda, you have the ability to fully adapt it to their needs.

Technical solutions

Use the same technical solutions for all TVs in your company. No hardware is needed.

Create new revenue

Offer your residents improved TV and create a new revenue stream for your business.

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TV that entertains and informs

We offer world-class TV with both live channels and on-demand weekly archives. You can also create your own information and advertising content.

World-class entertainment

Residents can watch classic movies, series, live channels and sports or listen to favourite music and concerts. Everything is available at Nenda.

Offer your own content

Show exercise videos or inform and advise on fitness routines and general health. With Nenda, you can effortlessly offer your own content to all your residents.

Create a better community

Improved content on TV turns common areas into natural meeting places. Nenda helps you to make the everyday environment more engaging for residents.

Take your company's TV entertainment to the next level

We want to make it easier for you to broadcast TV in healthcare environments. The TV service is fully managed through Nenda’s app, giving you access to a large and varied selection of TV channels. In addition, there is a wide range of on-demand content in several genres such as movies, series, sports and children’s programmes. A weekly archive also saves the previous week’s TV broadcasts, which gives 80x more content to choose from. With the Day Pass function, you get the opportunity to buy extra content whenever you want. The service also provides the opportunity to create direct advertising or share information on a separate channel.

Nenda is the market leader in Sweden in this sector and we will continue to lead the development of outstanding entertainment for all our corporate customers. If required, we can also tailor the service to suit your company’s needs. One of our experts is happy to visit you and carry out a free demonstration of the service. We can then quickly develop suggestions on how the service can work and contribute to your business. With our cloud-based TV service, you can save resources, reduce expenses and create new revenue streams for your business.

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Vi samarbetar med ledande partners

Many satisfied customers choose Nenda

We really want to recommend Nenda to everyone! When we contacted Nenda, we were greeted by friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. We only have a basic package with them, but our guests get so much more enjoyment out of it than our old TV service. Nenda is a modern streaming service and even has a weekly archive so guests can choose to watch their favourite programmes whenever they want.
Dickens Hotell & Restaurang

Dennis Slipare at Dickens Hotell & Restaurang

We have a varied audience with many different age groups and nationalities at Hjorten. In the past, we had to buy many channels to try and satisfy everyone, which cost us an arm and a leg! With Nenda, we can have the best of both worlds with the help of Day Passes. It means we can offer a huge selection of channels, movies and music on TV, but guests can also choose to buy extra entertainment that goes beyond our basic package.
Hjorten Hotell och Restaurang

Kristoffer Henningsson, owner of Hjorten Hotell och Restaurang

When we decided to invest in a new TV system for all our rooms, we chose Nenda. This streaming service provides a much better and more modern user experience that our guests really like. And as a bonus, since the service is via the internet and streamed using an app on the TV, we didn’t have to buy an expensive new main exchange. Another cool feature is Day Passes, where our guests can purchase movies or channel packages if they’re missing something on TV we don’t offer. We’ve never been able to provide this kind of great service before. We’ve not had a single complaint so far and can highly recommend Nenda.

Konstantinos Grintzos, owner of Dubbelhytten

From the minute our client is picked up at home until they close the door at their destination, we are committed to providing a completely first-class experience. Having the latest and best services for our clients is a matter of course for us. With Nenda, we receive a state-of-the-art service. Plus, with the archive function, our clients can even watch the news they may have missed during a stressful week working. We also like that there are music concerts everyone can watch while they wait. For us, it is vital to choose partners that make our clients’ lives easier, down to the smallest detail.

Anton Törnberg, General Manager at Ifly

Our hard working staff want to be able to watch TV when there are not many customers in the car showroom. Unfortunately, our premises were not suitable for installing traditional TV - we would have had to fit a satellite dish and pull through cables etc. With Nenda, all we had to do was install their app on the TV and start streaming programmes. It works perfectly and therefore we recommend Nenda to anyone in a similar position.
Svenska Bilgruppen

Mikael Engdahl, CEO Svenska Bilgruppen

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