post-image 25 November 2021

Care Facility Solom Chooses Streamed TV from Nenda

Another care and nursing business has chosen to move away from linear channels and instead implement a streamed TV solution from Nenda. For the Solom facility, the change means that the residents now have access to a fully streamed entertainment, leaving the traditional concept that linear TV channels entail behind.

The residents now get streamed entertainment directly into the Smart TV, which additionally gives access to all the entertainment that has been broadcasted by the channels in the past week. With this solution, care recipients get entertainment that is just like the one at home, where there is always something to watch regardless of the time of day.

Nenda’s solution means that the business can further move past complicated satellite solutions, hardware and general technical problems, and can instead rely on remote diagnosis if technical problems should arise. With this opportunity, the staff can instead spend more time on their care recipients who live in the facility – which is what matters the most.