post-image 10 June 2024

Åre Municipality Enters Agreement with Nenda

Åre Municipality is next in line to switch from linear TV to streaming, benefiting its residents with improved TV entertainment. With this transition, Åre joins many other municipalities that recognize the advantages of streaming and choose to invest in digitalizing their TV solutions.

With Nenda’s service, care recipients can now enjoy entertainment they are familiar with from home, rather than being restricted to only linear TV channels and schedules.

Choosing Nenda means a significantly larger selection of programs, as it provides access to all shows and entertainment aired on TV in the past week.

Additionally, the municipality has the opportunity to add its own video content, such as rehabilitation exercises, training programs, or internal films.

The trend of municipalities switching to streaming has become increasingly widespread as more realize the numerous benefits it brings: simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly, better entertainment for those who need it the most!

Welcome, Åre Municipality!