Sänk dina kostnader - och skapa nya intäkter

Sänk dina kostnader

Med Nenda slipper du ha hårdvara stående i källaren. Detta innebär lägre kapitalinvesteringar och lägre kostnader för underhåll och drift

Skapa nya intäkter

Nenda ger dig nya möjligheter. Skapa nya intäkter från dina gäster och gör TV:n till en intäktskälla

Erbjud en bättre upplevelse

Tillgång till allt innehåll som dina användare efterfrågar. Se live-sport och nyheter, ta del av konserter och musik.

Använd en enklare tjänst

Med Nenda hanterar du allt via en app. Enklare än så kan det inte bli

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Nenda ger dig nya möjligheter

Ingen hårdvara = enkelt för alla

Vår tjänst är molnbaserad och ger dig och dina användare tillgång till förstklassig underhållning utan hårdvara

Anpassa efter dina behov

Du kan anpassa Nenda in i minsta detalj. Vi skräddarsyr en TV-lösning efter dina behov med din logga och dina erbjudanden

Premiumcontent när och var du vill

Full tillgång till den underhållningen dina tittare efterfrågar. Använd sändningsarkivet som ger 80x mer innehåll att titta på från varje Tv-kanal

6 anledningar till varför man älskar Nendas TV-tjänst

Vi har TV-lösningar för alla företag

Nenda via App

Vi har integrerat vår lösning i de ledande tv-tillverkarnas app-stores. Via dessa skapar du enkelt en fungerande TV-lösning utan långa bindningstider

Nenda via partner

Tillsammans med våra partners har vi tagit fram paketerade plug-and-play lösningar som låter dig använda Nenda utan integration eller dongle

Nenda via Dongle

Har du äldre tv-apparater installerade redan? Inga problem, så länge de har HDMI-utgång kopplar du enkelt in Nenda via vår dongle-lösning

Many satisfied customers choose Nenda

We really want to recommend Nenda to everyone! When we contacted Nenda, we were greeted by friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. We only have a basic package with them, but our guests get so much more enjoyment out of it than our old TV service. Nenda is a modern streaming service and even has a weekly archive so guests can choose to watch their favourite programmes whenever they want.
Dickens Hotell & Restaurang

Dennis Slipare at Dickens Hotell & Restaurang

We have a varied audience with many different age groups and nationalities at Hjorten. In the past, we had to buy many channels to try and satisfy everyone, which cost us an arm and a leg! With Nenda, we can have the best of both worlds with the help of Day Passes. It means we can offer a huge selection of channels, movies and music on TV, but guests can also choose to buy extra entertainment that goes beyond our basic package.
Hjorten Hotell och Restaurang

Kristoffer Henningsson, owner of Hjorten Hotell och Restaurang

When we decided to invest in a new TV system for all our rooms, we chose Nenda. This streaming service provides a much better and more modern user experience that our guests really like. And as a bonus, since the service is via the internet and streamed using an app on the TV, we didn’t have to buy an expensive new main exchange. Another cool feature is Day Passes, where our guests can purchase movies or channel packages if they’re missing something on TV we don’t offer. We’ve never been able to provide this kind of great service before. We’ve not had a single complaint so far and can highly recommend Nenda.

Konstantinos Grintzos, owner of Dubbelhytten

From the minute our client is picked up at home until they close the door at their destination, we are committed to providing a completely first-class experience. Having the latest and best services for our clients is a matter of course for us. With Nenda, we receive a state-of-the-art service. Plus, with the archive function, our clients can even watch the news they may have missed during a stressful week working. We also like that there are music concerts everyone can watch while they wait. For us, it is vital to choose partners that make our clients’ lives easier, down to the smallest detail.

Anton Törnberg, General Manager at Ifly

Our hard working staff want to be able to watch TV when there are not many customers in the car showroom. Unfortunately, our premises were not suitable for installing traditional TV - we would have had to fit a satellite dish and pull through cables etc. With Nenda, all we had to do was install their app on the TV and start streaming programmes. It works perfectly and therefore we recommend Nenda to anyone in a similar position.
Svenska Bilgruppen

Mikael Engdahl, CEO Svenska Bilgruppen

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