Reduce your costs - and create new revenue

Reduce your costs

With Nenda, you do not need to have any hardware standing in the basement. This means lower capital investments and lower costs for maintenance and operation.

Create new revenue

Nenda offers you new opportunities. Create new revenue from your guests and make the TV a source of income.

Offer a better experience

Access to all the content that your users request. Watch live sports and news, enjoy concerts and listen to music.

Use a simpler service

With Nenda, you manage everything via one app. It could not be easier than that.

cloud cloud

Nenda gives you new opportunities

No hardware = easy for everyone

Our service is cloud-based, so it gives you and your users access to first-class entertainment without needing any hardware.

Customise to your needs

You can customise Nenda down to the smallest detail. We will tailor a TV solution to meet your individual needs, including your logo and offers.

Premium content whenever and wherever you want

Full access to all the entertainment your viewers are looking for. Use the broadcast archive that provides you with 80x more content to watch from each TV channel.

6 reasons why people love Nenda's TV service

We have the complete TV solution for all companies

Nenda via App

We have integrated our solution with the leading TV manufacturers' app stores. Via these, you can effortlessly create a practical TV service without the need for any long or binding contracts

Nenda via partner

Together with our partners, we have developed packaged plug-and-play solutions that allow you to use Nenda efficiently without any integration or using a dongle

Nenda via Dongle

Har du äldre tv-apparater installerade redan? Inga problem, så länge de har HDMI-utgång kopplar du enkelt in Nenda via vår dongle-lösning

Många nöjda kunder väljer Nenda

We offer our services to several industries

Nenda for Hotels

Use cloud-based TV to generate new revenue

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Nenda for Healthcare

Information and entertainment for all your residents

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Nenda för Restauranger

Visa Livesport för dina besökare

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Nenda for Offices

Create the right atmosphere in your office space

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Choose the content you want to see

Nenda Bas

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Nenda Business

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Nenda Entertain

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Nenda Nordic

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Nenda Discovery

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Nenda Cmore sport

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Nenda Cmore bas

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Nenda Kids

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