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Continental Apartment Hotels chooses Nenda

Continental Apartment Hotels has now chosen Nenda for its two upcoming apartment hotels in Sollentuna and Knivsta. For the first time, all the TV technology is completely cloud-based. Not only does this offer a simple solution at low cost to hotels, it also offered enhanced in-room entertainment for the quests.

Continental Apartment Hotels, which is owned and operated by the real estate company Amasten, decided to opt for the more modern and technologically advanced option for in-room TV entertainment. After vetting through many options, they chose cloud-based programming from Nenda, and the Android TV, “Media Suite” by Phillips.

”We want to offer our hotel guests a smart and digitized experience, where everything works effortlessly. Today, it is no longer a plus if the technology works as it should, it is an expectation of the customer and a prerequisite for hotel owners. The choice therefore fell on Nenda, which offers a modern TV streaming experience that hotel guests normally have access to at their homes. With less hardware and complexity in the system, Nenda’s streaming platform will result in fewer maintenance hours and lower TV-related costs for the hotel”, says Kathy Adenlöf, Hotel Manager Continental Apartment Hotels

Like Netflix, the Nenda app is downloaded directly to the TV. That’s all there is to it. With Nenda, expensive TV sets, satellite dishes or set-top boxes are not needed any more, which makes it an economical option.

”The solution that we at Nenda have developed, together with a Philips Android TV, contains everything that a modern guest can expect today. Streamed TV channels, a program archive where you can watch all the week’s TV programs and built-in Chromecast to take part in your own content. We are very happy about the collaboration and are convinced that Amasten will be satisfied with this modern solution”, says Per Romild, Head of Sales and co-founder of Nenda.

More information:
Per Romild, head of sales & co-founder,  Nenda AB
[email protected]
+46 (0) 765 25 27 61

Kathy Adenlöf, Hotellansvarig, Amasten Continental Apartment Hotels,
[email protected]
+46 (0) 10 17 89 768