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AvAsta and Nenda Break New Ground in the Healthcare Sector

AvAsta is a growing care and nursing company in western Sweden that offers elderly housing and individual housing for adults with functional variations. Nenda is now exploring a completely new sector as AvAsta has chosen Nenda as the primary entertainment option for both the individual apartments and the common living areas.

In geriatric care, the TV solution is usually only procured for the common areas. In the individual apartments, it is up to the users themselves or their relatives to buy and install TV equipment and channel subscriptions. This results in variety of TVs, set top boxes and remote controls within each apartment complex. When these do not work properly, it takes a lot of time from the staff to pay individual attention to every different Tv-solution.

AvAsta is now modernizing their entertainment options by providing both the TV set and the channel subscription in all apartments at their new nursing home Sisjödal in Gothenburg. The organization is convinced that the completely cloud-based TV solution, consisting of streamed TV entertainment from Nenda and an Android TV from Philips, will make it easier for users, relatives and staff.

Markus Kärrbrand, board member and responsible for business development at AvAsta, says, “Now that there is a streaming service on the market, we do not need to adapt to the TV providers which is offered by “stadsnätet”. This has given us space to modernize and to renew or approach. The apartments at Sisjödal’s nursing home are now equipped with wall-mounted Philips Android TVs that have Nenda’s streaming app installed. It was obvious for us to try this new strategy, which we are convinced will be appreciated by both residents and relatives. They do not have to spend time and money getting channel subscriptions, installing boxes and TV sets. Nenda can adapt the content offer in each room, making it possible to still provide variety and choices without having a wide range of different subscriptions connected to the property.  Nenda singlehandedly offers a platform that fulfills the entertainment needs of all our residents. In our common areas we will vary the TV offer, for example we will have a ”sports bar”, a cinema and a music and concert room. The fact that we now only have one type of TV set and remote control facilitates and saves the staff valuable time”.

Per Romild, Head of sales and co-founder of Nenda, says, “We are very pleased with this collaboration. It is always Nenda’s mission to be part of a simplified and improved TV solution and we are doing exactly that with AvAsta. With a ton of high-quality entertainment aggregated at one cloud-based platform, residents will now be able to enjoy program archives of past week’s broadcasts, which means that there is 80x more to watch at every opportunity. The solution is also fully scalable and easy to use for both users and staff. Our vision is that this will be the new standard in care facilities, as it saves time and makes it more efficient for all parties involved.”

For more information:
Per Romild, head of sales & co-founder,  Nenda AB
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Markus Kärrbrand, board member and responsible for business development, AvAsta
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